Suede furniture, wooden floating shelves and the fireplace centerpiece.

4 and More Ways to Build Shelves

If you’re looking for a way to create more storage space in your interior, consider building shelves, which are one of the most popular furnishing elements in a house. These are an elegant way of displaying collectibles, travel mementos, family photos, books and much more.

Not to mention that shelves can really help you with organizing, clearing away and categorizing your belongings. There are multiple ways to create a shelf, and here you can find a few ideas to start. Continue reading “4 and More Ways to Build Shelves”

Scandinavian art studio with a stellage

4 Ideas to Create a Studio in Your Home

If you want to create a space where you can spend time on your artistic activities, you should design it specifically for your practice.

This should be your haven, a separate space where you can feel free to dedicate yourself to art away from the rest of the world. Should you strive for a studio to create artwork, write, or dance, putting a comfortable space together is not that hard to do. Continue reading “4 Ideas to Create a Studio in Your Home”